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The Children moved into the brand new Grace Home mid August 2017.

Attached are some handwritten letters by the children talking of their first impressions of their new home. Their ages range from 5-17 years old so some are young adults.

The new build Grace Home is fantastic, set in beautiful surroundings; however this has thrown up some unexpected problems, the biggest being the bus service which is very unreliable, making it difficult to get the children to and from school. They start at 6.00 and finish at 6.00, and then they have homework to do.

There are still many urgent things needed:-

  1. An underground water supply with filter and pump plus a hot water system.
  2. Mains electricity supply (which is only intermitent) plus a solar back up wth batteries for emergency lighting.
  3. Furniture - dining and work tables; chairs; beds and mattresses; pots and pans.

The list goes on but these are some of the most urgent requirements.  


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Steel for earthquake resistance

Building work 2017 :: Steel for earthquake resistance

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